Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Clickers in our team

Action and Click

Chee Weng shooting with style

Eng Keng , our photographer in action. The cameraman of the day!!!!

Pictures that speak a million words

Justin thinking which scene needs to be taken>>>

Yam and Angeline have a good laugh after their shot

Yeong and Chin Chin: Let us shoot ourselves.

Miss Loh , this angle is good

Kok Hwa taking a shot of the Pavilion

Ah Too adjusting his angle of shot

Obeiliao following his son's method of photographing himself .

Boon Seng , okay to click

Murly : Hold it there. That is good
. Advantage of being tall

Teong resting after a heavy shooting session

Chuan checking his shot

Jayson sharing his pictures with buddies Lim and Steven

Teong explaining his fantastic shot to Lim

The shadow clicker: An accidental shot of himself

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