Friday, July 09, 2010

UK, here I come

Why this trip?

For XY 's graduation. Finally he got it. I am in Manchester now. Yesterday spoken to my son on the University and what was his opinion on his final year .
"Dad, studying in UK is totally different for we have to carry out a lot of research on any topic assigned and that means more library time etc , No spoon feed!".
Costly if you start to converse the currency but the living over here in Manchester is quite ok if you cook at home.
Being here for the last 2 days, I have found out that he would prefer to cook . He would cook big bowl of dishes for dinner and the balance put in the fridge for breakfast!! This means that we were taking 2 meals a day at home and sometime skip lunch for when it was nearly lunch time when we woke up in the morning. Worse scenario, lunch outside during to our trip.

One word, he loves to cook. The weather here is very good, like Genting Highland in Malaysia and better still, it is dry and so not humid as in Malaysia so you do not sweat.

My Journey back to Manchester with him
On 6th July, XY took a flight from KL and waited for me in the airport for an extra 2 hours for he has booked his Penang to KL flight local ly and that was a great saving to him as compare to booking direct to Penang from Manchester both way. My flight was around 5.30pm. W hen I arrived at the airport, I could get out, applicable to Malaysian only, to meet him after getting my both boarding pass for Abu Dha bi and to Manchester from the transit counter.
He was waiting for me at the arrival hall and both of us went straight to departure hall so that he could check in at the Etihad counter. After checking in, we went to KFC to take our dinner for he wanted to try the spicy chicken for he has missed it for so long.

Inside KLIA rainforest

Our Flight
Etihad provided Boeing 777 for the whole journey to Manchester with 2 hours transiting in Abu Dhabi. While we were at the gate waiting for boarding, we were surprised to meet his housemate mum and sister who were also on their way to UK to attend the convocation. Our flight journey took 14 hours with additional 2 hours for transiting in Abu Dhabi from KL to reach Manchester.
Total traveling time : 14 hours

In KLIA, with Janet Mum and sister

Manchester on 7/7/10
The weather was fantastic and XY 's housemate was there waiting for her mum in the airport. XY planned that I should take the local bus. He bought for me a weekly bus ticket and the expiry date would be the day we left for Paris .Well, th e timing was perfect. XY told me that I could see more local livelihood by taking the bus from Airport to his dorm that includes the scenery of Manchester.

Inside the bus terminal, beside Manchester Airport

Janet and mum, me with Xing Yi at the bus terminal

Janet with mum,sister and XY

Walking to the Dorm

The double deck bus that we took to the Dormitory

Janet and family along Daisy Bank road

"Dad, this is the route we will walk to take our bus to class everyday and also to purchase our grocery at the Arab store, the cheapest grocery store so far."
For your info, during our first month in Manchester, we walk to our college almost everyday and eventually I bought a yearly bus ticket for the weather was getting very cold

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