Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is life without Iphone


Recently I found out that the button for my up and down volume came out and I could not find that tap button. I took my Iphone back to Maxis and on further checking by them, they decided to send it back to KL and then to Singapore for further analysis. Before allowing them to take away my Iphone, I went back home immediately to back up all my content. Demanded from Maxis to loan me an Iphone but was rejected for they do not have such service...

I am dead and lost for I need to have an immediate spare phone to communicate with the outside world. Further checking I was informed by the Maxis's technical staff to buy one that can syncs back all my contact from Google which I also back up from my Iphone.

Nokia 1202.

Immediately I went over to a shopping complex beside my office and hunt for a simple replacement unit. Finally bought this simple Nokia phone and immediately ask my colleague to forward me some important contact. I have always been depending on my Iphone on the contact no and I am getting mad for I could not recall any phone no from my dinosaur brain except those of my family and the only phone no I could recalled was that of my eldest sister home n, my wife, site offices and also my SPM no..
I am going back to the primitive world. This phone has all the basic function.
During today meeting with the Local authority, a call came through I do not even know how to lower down the ring volume but only manage to do so by walking out of the room. bad !!!!!. I am really too dependent on the Iphone.

No networking, email ,news scientific calculator ...........

The main reason for me to buy an Iphone was to have immediate access with my youngest son in UK. Anytime I log in into Nimbus , I could see him either in Skype, Live messenger, Facebook and unfortunately not on Oovoo. and start a chat in case I needed to . Now cannot at all.
Communicating with him is total dead except for normal phone call and sms which will be costly since Wifi is not available in my temporary hand phone.
Recently he has gone to Budapest, in Hungary for short holiday. I could not see the local time over there. With Iphone , I have accessed to all the international time and will also know the time difference in relation to Malaysia. Maybe because I do not want to get another type of smart phone like Nokia 71 or 72 or other brand due to problem of understanding another type of hand phone all over again . No point at all for Iphone should be my best companion at this time . Well hope my Iphone could be returned to me soon by Apple agent, Maxis.
One headache problem was I could not event flip through my email when I am on the move. A computer Geek!!! No but just to stay connected with the outside world at ease. Well, the only time I could stay connected is when I return home , home sweet home. to be in front of my desktop computer.

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