Thursday, July 22, 2010

What should we bring for a trip

Traveling in Europe and around UK

During our trip to Paris , we were advised to bring along our confirmed E ticket for when we return back to UK, the Immigration would want to see the proof that we have our return ticket to Malaysia . The reason for this strict checking was because there were so many illegal immigrants coming into UK. Well, my son has shown proof of my visit and also he being genuine UK student.

Well, every items that you get at the store are the same price as Malaysia except for the exchange rate. for example a box of plaster would be 2.25 pound over here and back in Malaysia it is also around MYR 2.00.. but if you consider after the exchange rate the plaster would be MYR 10.75 ( 2.25 x 5 ) . So you cannot visit UK and any Europe countries if you consider the exchange rate.


My advise for Malaysia travellers are to bring all medical supply with them. You cannot buy medicine off the counter for every medicine needs a doctor prescription .The doctor consultant fee would likely be expensive excluding medicine
In my case , I took along this items for my trip but still forget to bring a few too
1) Panadol
2) Ducolax. Whenever we arrive at a new place after several hours of flight, we have to within 24 hrs discharge everything from our bowel. This will eventually help our body to adopt to a new environment. If you forget to bring this medicine, buy several oranges and eat them with the pulp might help.
3) Antiseptic cream for cuts etc
4) skin medical cream for rashes
5) Muscular pain cream. Most area to be visit need a lot of walking
6) Gastric tablet. even if you do not have gastric problem, the irregular meals time would cost alot of air in the stomach
7) Full medical check by our local doctor ( cheaper in Malaysia) and PLEASE tell him/her that
you are going for a journey.

Items that I have forgotten
1) Anti fungal cream
2) Callous cream


1. Coffee :3 in 1
2. Tea : 3 in 1
3. Instant noodle : in case you miss home or get scare of eating bread and maybe the cost of eating fast food like KFC , Mcdonald. The cheapest burgermeal is 4.75 pound ( MYR 22.75 )per set
4. Sweet : since each meals time will be different, advisable to eat something to avoid gastric

1. Tooth brush
2. Tooth paste
3. Shampoo: Like me , I have a very sensitive hair and dandruff will occur in case using the wrong type of .. I forget to bring mine and luckily, my son has it
4. Empty plastic bags : To keep all soil clothing for we might relocating to a new hotel everyday
. For me, we planned to have enough clothing until a certain destination, dropping by a closed friend place and to carry out the laundry work. as recommended by my son, if do not enough clothing ,we could drop by Primark and purchase extra T shirt of 1 pound!!!!. very good idea.
5. Extra bag: This bag must be collapsible. Well as you go through each country once might drop but souvenirs. Overall, you might ending up with a few extra kilos


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