Sunday, January 31, 2010

Job in Penang

PY 's first job

He applied this job by himself and was very lucky to be accepted.
Well, finally out in the world on his first job. Within a few days, he was as dark as charcoal. what I have found out from him was that he has to walk about 10 minutes to reach and check his work. Good for him as he seldom exercise. First day, after returning home from work , he ate his dinner and went straight to bed. Subsequently, he started to sleep a bit late and normally by 10.00pm. he was in bed, Woke up early and left the house by 7.15 am . It took him almost 35 minutes to reach the site. He started to adapt to the traffic and left the home latest by 7.30 am . Take his breakfast at home everyday so that he could save .

PY with his new hat . Look like a field surveyor

He opened an account as required by the company, EPF account and Socso,require by Authority and still kept his previous saving account with the debit card in case he needs to buy something from Ebay.
From my recent observation, he seems to have matured and reacted well with all the site staff and contractors. The contractors are teaching and guiding him on their job .
He drove to work and was asking me why the car consumed the petrol so fast. I reminded him not to rev with the fuel pedal and reduced his bad habit of revving .
Dad, he replied, " you should seat in my car and confirm that I am cool now"
I told him that he should leave the house early and drive slowly to the site office. Maybe when half way through his journey, he should drop by some coffee shop and have his breakfast.
Normally I would do that when I was working near the Airport. Woke up early . Drove through all the stretch of road that have the most traffic jam and stopped by one my favourite coffee shop where all the contractors would be there for their morning breakfast before going to their individual site. Even for some were going over to Buttersworth for their job would stop by in the earlier hours.
Surprising some do not even know my name but only mentioned that White Hair Manager even after working together for many years under the same project. Out of curiosity, I asked one of them and he told me. I was given the nickname "Peh Mor Manager" for having the wisdom to teach and getting everybody back on track of the project. To me what was the point of scolding them when thing were done wrongly but only to teach them and ensuring that they do not repeat and but to create a preventive method

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