Wednesday, January 27, 2010

23/01/10 :A Very Memorable Day

Recalling Dinosaur Brain

Weng Hoo's daughter and son and P Y on the right
Went for a wedding dinner and arrived very late for the first time for we have to wait for my son who was stuck in the traffic jam while on his way back from work. During the dinner instead of sitting down and enjoying it, I was hopping from one table to the next and yapping away. My wife was asking me why I was so excited for she has never seen me like this before. Normally, I would sit down going through the daily news in my Iphone. Returning after each table exploration. I would tell her , that I saw so and so here and there. Well, most of them are my eldest brother classmate and closed friends. First was Dr. Oon Liang Siew. etc...... Long story and let start from him first.

Dr Oon is a doctor and my brother classmate in Chung Ling High School. He and Nyat Khoon have been a frequent visitor to my house. While I was studying in KL, Nyat Khoon came over from Sing
apore and both of us visited him in GH and from that day onwards, I have been disturbing him whenever I was sick. He would be giving me a full medical check up and medication in the outpatient clinic.
After my graduation, I went to see him to get another final check up before leaving for Singapore but to my surprise, he has left for his further studies ,, Thailand!! and upon checking with his fellow doctor who happened to be my eldest brother friend too. What a small world! I could not remember his name but he was very kind to give me a full body check up and telling me
that he and his wife would be migrating to UK too Maybe I should have asked Dr Liang Siew his name.

While in KL, Nyat Khoon took me to his sist
er house in Port Klang. He asked me to go through all his books and I remembered I only took a book on Work study and including a tennis racket which I returned to him at a later date. Eventually, I made a few more trips to his sister house and got to know her two daughters . On one of the trips ,I took my wife, my girlfriend then and introduced to her to Nyat Khoon 's sister.

Nyat Loo and husband

Siew Hong and husband , Siew Mei and husband

Returning to my table when a new dish has arrived, my wife popped up a question. Are the two daughters who sing very well from Port Klang here tonight? My God!, how could she still recalled them but regardless, she asked me to search for them. I went back to see Nyat Khoon 's daughter and youngest son who have been ushering all the guest . They told me that they were here . But before going to see them,I went over to see Nyat Khoon youngest sister Nyat Loo.
Found her with her husband and her family.1 boy and 3 girls. More yapping again until she took me to see the two singer, All of them were married and they introduced me to their husband. Both of them could remember me as the boy who kept talking to them in English and tonight they confessed that they were quite scare of me during that time for they could not speak well in English but in Mandarin. I started to laugh and upon returning to my table and have a quick bite on the new dish, I immediately took my wife over to see them, None stop talking again. Telling them where I have been after leaving Petaling Jaya and eventually gave them my blog address. and email too. I was very happy tonight but eventually sad for I could not see their mum, recalling how kind she was when I was in their home. I took some photo of them with my Iphone but unfortunate they did not turn up that clear. must be out of focus for too happy to see all of them

Leaving KL for Singapore was good for my career but then I was not scare at all for I have Nyat Khoon phone no with me and true enough I was offered a temporary place to stay in his sister house before being offered a boarding place by Jurong Engineering. She was here too tonight for the wedding dinner too. She told me that they have shifted from North Beach Street to a new place near Chao Chu Kang. Well, she and her husband has not changed that much except for his son who has been chubby that time.

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