Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Auspicious Chinese Wedding

The Happily Married Couple on 8/12/2008.
(Chinese Lunar date 11/11/08)

Wedding Dinner in Nibong Tebal

In one of the Ivory project, there is a Aluminum Contractor that helped to finish our Project for us due to unforeseen problem. I received a Wedding invitation card from him. It stated that his younger brother was getting married. Well, recalling the event in our project, I was very grateful to both of them for not giving up the job and finally the project was completed on time.

I have attended many wedding dinners but for this particular one there were many extra events and one of them was the Dragon dance and also the singer who came down to our table dancing with my friends. Well, it started as a normal wedding dinner with speeches and Honorable host thanking the quest and dancing troupe and finally ended like a Contractor dinner with round and round of beer drinking for my table. Let the party beginning!!
I drank a glass of beer only for I have to drive all of them(4) back to Penang.

The Dragon Dance on this Auspicious Day ...........and the wedding car

The Bridegroom brother with me and my Senior Staff recalling the job we did

Not to miss the dancer visiting our table and the free flow of beer for our table

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