Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 65 Storey Komtar

While attending a dinner in Komtar.
Meeting of Old friends

Staff that work together.....and consultant friends too

Family friend.....................and gathering of some staff

What can you see from 59 storey.

I was instructed to see the last construction stage of this high rise (65 storey Komtar) by my former boss while constructing his Hotel Equatorial . The casting of the last few floors and also the dismantling of the Tower crane. Once a week , I would visit this building and observed every details of the construction methodology.

Well, I took some memorable photos
of the completed Penang Times Square (Phase 1) from 59th floor. Normally, my son, XY, would repeat his comments :" Dad, you should have requested from your bosses some complimentary nights stay in hotels that you have constructed for them!!! Oop!, I have forgotten to tell him that I was invited for lunchs by them when return from my Oversea job.
Note: For my niece and nephew who are in USA . You can update this pictures in Google Map if you need them.

At 6.56 pm

At 7.01 pm

At 9.38 pm.
It would be beautiful when the advertisement boards around the building are set up.

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