Thursday, May 01, 2008

Traditional Malay wedding

Penang (in English) is called Pulau Pinang ( in Bahasa Malaysia) by the local

The word , Pinang, derived from this fruit

Our old MCA's neighbour

Today I was invited to the wedding of our old neighbor. From the bride father, I was informed that the bride is the 4th generation. Below are the photo in the compound outside his house. I am very lucky to take a photo of one of the elderly village people. According to my father, very hard to communicate with him for he was very stubborn. Well, I used to see on and off during my breakfast and sometime along the Tanjong Bungah road and his is very friendly now, maybe being old now.

Approaching the entrance

The Bride and Bridegroom with her parent

Buffet style food for the guest

This is a very special food for the guest. I try and my whole teeth turn red after chewing the Pinang.

The most important entertainment is the Karaoke

Local guest will sing their favourite songs. Before I left, one of the guest was singing "Southern California"

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