Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to celebrate Christmas 2012

Spring Cleaning.

I do not have any peculiar planning but definitely spring cleaner my house today will be great. I might be tired after the work but still have an off day tomorrow. With this planning in mind , my part time maid arrived and we started cleaning area by area of my house. She started at the kitchen area and I, at my study area .Well, she has to finish the wet and later the dry kitchen which she completed by noon .As for me ,my study and than to the my sons' study room and by 3.00 pm, I have completed the living room with her together. The main rubbish is the our dog hair and all my office notes .

My Dinner
After the maid has left, I was back to my station checking my mail and hoping to find both my son online from Facebook and Skype but unfortunately none. Still have thing to do for I have to start learning how to handle my new IMac. At around, mind reminded me of my dinner for tonight. Since it is Christmas, a good dinner should be preferred. First choice was Subway due to the less oil policy and looking at my dinner table, I saw the bread and decided to drop by my neighborhood store, KK store, to pick up some dinner supply . Tuna and coffee will be fine. Arriving at the store , I realized that I should be celebrating and decided to buy a can of Tiger beer. First time, I bought one with intention of celebrating an occasion . After paying an extra ,RM 5.40 for that can of beer, I started to head back home .Another thought came into mind. I have bought a packet of " Prawn mee" from my favorite store in the market . I have totally forget about it. On arriving home , I stared into the packet of my noodle and hope that It did not spoilt . Pouring the soup out, I heated it up and than made my first taste from the pan. Wow, it was still so delicious and not spoilt at all .

Flicking though my mind, I was thinking of how to enjoy this bowl of noodle. Quickly transferring a movie into a pen drive, I went out to my living room and play the movie over my new LED TV . Perfectly seated down, and with the movie on, I finally have my perfect dinner for this Christmas. The prawn noodle, Hock Kien Mee, was still very warm, I love to eat hot .

The sound of my kettle reminded me of the coffee that I have bought from the store.
Great Dinner with a cup of hot coffee. to go along with ...
The final planning for tonight , a can of beer to celebrate with a second Blue-ray movie.

A few days back , I was really down ,sad, for the new LED Sony TV broke down and I was really scare that they could take weeks to repair it. This was not so for they immediately change the main mother board after verify and finding the main fault. Overall , 3 working days and it was back in my hall. Sad to said , my eldest son was not around to turn on my Wifi for me . I will try it to configure it tonight again . Wish me luck .!!!!!!!

Well, I would like to wish all my readers out there, " Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year " . Cheers! !
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