Friday, February 19, 2010

Obeiliao, trying to be a lecturer!!

Oh mine, he is serious about it!!!
Don't play play for he will burst your eardrum with this giant microphone. watch out!!!

A Song. "When he is coming round the mountain , when he comes..............."

Could it be in the family blood that most of us are borne teachers?
Well, coming from a family of 5 members , excluding my parent, all are teachers ( husband and wife ) except for my eldest brother and me having a diffe
rent career, a banker and construction project manager. But then ,my eldest brother was also an Editor in MIT for her Sloan Management Review journal for 1974 and 1975...I could still find the copies in the bookshelf upstairs.

Does it really run in the blood? How did I start off this teaching habit?

One fine day, I received a call from my contract manager, Miss Tan M.L. telling me that a group of student from TAR (Tungku Abdul Rahman college ) wish to visit our site and our boss has commented t
hat it could dangerous for them at this time. Miss tan recommended I could give them a pet talk on construction methodology in the our main office lecture studio. Well, I agreed and I have 1 week to prepare my note and lecture. Lucky for me ,on hand at the site, we happened to have a civil engineer trainee ( Ng Yong Kai) from UTM( Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.) who helped me with power point presentation.

Mr. Yong Kai Ng ,fine tuning before the start of the lecture.
He is good in IT too. surprised lah but proven .Coordinate very well in the lecturing time

Sitting down ,I started to gather notes that I have presented to another group of University student earlier with the helped of my Architect, Pu
an (Miss) Zaida, an Architect graduated from US.
As usual I did a work breakdown structure which I have read through in Microsoft Project.
With that , Mr Ng started tocompile all the lecture notes and placed them in sequence .
and trial run with me before the big doom day!!

Lecture time for TAR on


A short briefing with the students. testing lah
Look carefully ,is his hand shaking?

Handling out the notes ..................................and a few casual words with them

My God! my Technical Engineers and QS staffs are also attending. Looking very serious is IR. Chow & IR Heng. Better shorten the lecture for they could bombard you with further
question!!!! Ha Ha...

Let start the lesson. My heart is pumping fast>>>!!!!!!!! and field photo shot with plans to make it more interesting.

The reward. All of them are not snoring or sleeping and in fact laughter too are heard in the lecture hall.

We make it...........

Other site visit on 24/3/09 by UITM students.
2 buses but not to worry for IR Chow was at site to help out.

Ushering the student together for their safety

Tips on being a good speaker.

1. It is very natural for one to be scared
2. When talking look into the hall and not in front only
3. Make sure to add some jovial note here and there.
4. Always remember, for every trial speech make, one will gain to have more
5. Grab the chance to speak if given in order to be outspoken.
6. Whatever you can think of to make the speaker and floor audience laugh? .........
7. Good or bad comments are highly appreciated .
8. Brain storming of the events after completing it.

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