Monday, February 02, 2009

Hua Hin,Bangkok Trip,(part 1)

A trip to this beautiful beach.(27/1/09)

My wife has been talking of this beach and since all of us are back for this Chinese New Year, we decided to take a trip to well known beach in Thailand. My neighbour, Mr Soo gave us a map of one the town, Prachaupkhirkhan , 60km south of Hua Hin. and looking at the photos taken by him on his recent bicycle trip to Bangkok from Penang, we decided to take a trip to this area.

1st day 27/1/09

All of us, Year 2009, before the trip

Left our home at around 11.45pm and reached the Ferry at around 12.45 after parking the company car back in the newly Penang Times Square. The only way to reach Hua Hin is by rail leaving Penang, Butterworth at 2.20pm and reaching Hua Hin,Thailand's, train station at around 7.00am the following morning.

The Penang ferry time table...........Waiting for the ferry to dock in Penang ........

PY and XY waiting for the ferrry............finally....Boarding the Thai train

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