Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hua Hin, Thailand: Day 2 (part 4)

Since this is the 3th lunar day of Chinese New Year, we decided to celebrate this occasion by having Ice cream in Swensens. Here the ice creams are very cheap as compare to Malaysia. I do not know the reason but then it is definitely cheaper by 50 %. XY took once in Queen Bay Mall, Penang and they commented on the price.
When we were young, my dad will buy a tupperware of ice cream to celebrate CNY and also Ice cream soda to make float.

The only one in Hua Hin.....................................Mum, dad is clicking again

Wow, do not know which one to pick

This is mine and that is your

Dad and Mum choice

Both of you have grown up, time to pay

Our Dinner in the Soi.
Whenever in Thailand, we never miss a good meal from the Soi. Eat like the Thai people but then not too spicy. When it comes with Tom Yam, cook it like Thai style

We dare not try this dish!!!!! kiasi

Full cart of exotic food of them, the Grasshopper

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