Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Passing Away of a dinosaur

I am a Dinosaur and I am not afraid of the tiger.

Tribute to one of our King of Hokkien Singer: Mr Wong Ming Fatt

He would finish his work sharp at 5.30pm and then stopped by the road entrance and without fail handed over the banana, peanuts to the monkeys.
I would be late after lunch and for I ha
ve feed my mother.
I am not scare of the Devil and there is no such thing as God.
Alot more verses that he would rep
eat again and again and then final on 6/4/09. he passed away while carry out his duty as a backhoe operator.

Most of the staff would called him the King of Hokkien Song. Yesterday, while visiting his wake, my staff would recalled him singing in the Show unit without having thought who are beside him.
During company trip, he would always volunteer to sing his below H
okkien Song.
I came across this guy one day when all the staff ca
lled me over the walkie talkie that AH FATT have captured a cobra using his bear hand.

During the wake, his son leak some of the untold story of his career. He has been a Sailor, in the field force unit , tower crane operator until he was grounded after a stroke. a backhoe operator,

A Karoake singer and has many girl friends.
The most important career was a being fillial son, never miss rushing back to his house to feed his mum.
He could be called the king of wild animals. His son told me that he would capture lizard, biawak, and skin it in front them and not to miss snakes and final cooked for the whole family to eat. His famous words to his son. Any Creature That Has Their Back Facing The Sky Could Be Eaten. Last but not least,the character of a man working in the construction industry: Many girlfriends , drinking, gambling and anything that you might think off.
On that day he passed away, all staff and work
ers stopped their work and lined in single file and bowed their heads as his body left the site in the police truck. You could just imagine , as grand as the Mafia!!!!
On 10/4/09, Most of his colleague carried his coffin for an estimated distance of 2 kilometers.
A grand sent off.

On his character, you cannot win him in his speech for he could grill you with all kinds of international language to answer your question and could be the best lawyer in town.
A song: "I am a dinosaur vow v
ow ,I am dinosaur ...or his favorite Hokkien phrase , I pheh a yak"

On that very last day, he has a Very Grand send off by his friends and colleagues

All his colleague in full attention during their final respect to him

Final toast of wine by his colleagues

Carrying his coffin for part of the journey

Along one of the road in Penang Island, Malaysia.

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