Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life in the Construction Industry.

What made you enter this line?

I do not really remember why I took this profession but it just took off straight after my Form 5 examination. But this might possible link to my present job, building assembling toy bought by my Eldest sister to me on my birthday ( If I am right) . what is the toy. Most of us know Lego set is made of plastic but this set that I have been given was made of wood.

Well, my sister was always telling my parent that I could not be academic sound but maybe in practical work. She was right and here I am working through many companies for the passed 31 years. These were the projects that I have gone through: 1) Highway, Kuala Lumpur 2) Chemical Plant, Singapore 3) Substation (Iran) 4) Oil and Gas, Indonesia 5) Asian Bintulu Fertili
ser Plant, Sarawak, 6) Hotel Equatorial,Northam Suite, Gurney Hotel, Penang 7) Inventec, Penang 8) True telecoms Tower, Bangkok 9) Highrise Buildings: City One, Leader Garden, Univercity Plaza 10) Logistics factory, Penang. 11) Star publication, Penang and etc Well, most of the projects except Hospital. I am consider very lucky to learn engineering through all these projects: civil,mechanical works, building works , chemical plants, light and heavy industries , oil and gas and power sub station. The most important was that all the Project Managers in all these projects were good trainers and guidance and through them I gained the habit of teaching my present staff.

"Obeiliao", (hokkien dialect meaning keep on learning) from one project to the next
In construction we have many stories to tell you all and what you are about to hear are true happenings in the our life.

The Gambler
Staying in Iran for 3 years would seem to be very tough but then this was not so for the camp facilites were good and even for meals, breakfast to dinner, we have a chef from the ship that cooked very well. We have nothing to worry except for our job even though the civil war was just over.
Daily working hours start at 8.00am and end at 7.00p
m. We will rest every alternate Sunday and sometime we would all go to the nearest town called Chalous.. to be with the civilization!!..
What recreational activities do you have in the camp? let me tell you all about my first..
My Daily activities :
1. Woke up at 7.00am. Took my radio( the best camp at that time Sony ICF 2001) to the toilet and fixed the aerial that was installed by electrician. Turn to BBC world news and then locked myself in the cubicle toilet. There were 8 cubicles toilet in one 40 foot long container. Normally, I could hear somebody calling me to on the radio louder for they also wished to hear the new. In Iran this is th
e only source of gathering information from the outside world. Well, everybody was very happy of my radio!!!.
2. started work and finished at 7.00pm

3. took our dinner in Mass hall and then only to the bathroom for our bath.
4. At around 8.30pm we would assemble in the camp and watched our movies of the day.

5. For some staff they would go to any room and started to gamble., THE DOMINOS,
("pi KOA") . At this point, I would like to introduced you all to the Habits!!! of construction workers.
One of their best hobby is GAMBLING.

There is this man whom we called the man from China. We called ÄH LEE". Why we called him the China man. According t
o some workers whom have known him for many years, they told me that he was an escapee from China. He swam from Mainland China to Hong Kong when he was s small boy and then took a boat to Singapore. Wow, great lah and a very humble man at this age, around 35!!
He controlled the concrete Batching Plant and it was from him that I learned all the tricks ( good one) of Testing concrete cubes,repairin
g the Plant and also not to forget the 3 No of concrete truck from Japan. As for the concrete mix design, He would firmly asked me to go to my Project Manager for advice.

be back tomorrow or later of his habits, that his e
arning ,Sin 20,000 and losing it in just single night........... what does he do when he went back for his R & R in singapore......
A binocular .............. and where to ................

Type of games that construction people play
1) Domino ("Pi Kao"in Hokkein dialect)

The domino game

2) Cards ( "Pa Kao")

3) Four Match Stick ("Si Ki Ya")
4) Chap Or (in hokkien dialect)
5) Mahjong

The rest of legal games are
1) Horse racing (the worst)
2) 4 D ( Magnum, Da Ma Cai)
3 Loto, 4D (Sportstoto)

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