Monday, July 21, 2008

The Falling of a Rainforest Tree

Quoted from "The Star newspaper"today, 21/07/08

Tree felled for Safety Reason in Tanjong Bungah along the Vale of Tempe road.
(Jalan Lembah Permai)


I have been staying in Tanjong Bungah for 52 years and for as far I can remembered many accidents happened at this junction. Well, even my son who is back for a short weekend from Polytechnic mentioned that they finally chopped down this tree after reading the Star newspaper. Do you have a choice? If you are staying around here, you might heard of the many accidents. While passing this place I happen to witness the Chopping process. I am sad but still agreed that it has to go. Below are the pictures taken

The tree has been chopped down to its main trunk when I started taking pictures, a few day

The final day

All safety angles taken to ensure the tree fell at the proposed position

Tree chopped at certain angles to ensure that it fell on the required side

The crane using its boom making the slight final push...................... Timber,,,,,,!!!!!

I finally did it.
Note: At the back ground, see how further out the car has to stop at the junction in order to have a full view of any oncoming cars along the main road.
My opinion: Very well done, MPPP Councillor, Mr. Lim and Tanjong Assemblyman, Mr Teh.
"Human safety was of prime importance".

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