Thursday, April 10, 2008

Janet 's hobby

Have you heard of Jimmy Choo's shoe brand, maybe one day you will hear of JC brand (Janet Choo's, Nyonya Beaded Slippers)

What is in this magazine that attract Obeiliao?

How to make Nyonya beaded Slippers

I have been looking at my wife knitting the bead but what will be the result? Last trip down to Singapore, her only request was to search for books on beaded shoe but could not find one at all.

Sad to say, no gift of any sort for her except maybe a day trip to neighbor town ,Hatyai, Thailand in future and buffet lunch at Lee Garden hotel.
One day,I asked her what happen to the slippers she knitted and wow lau!! below are the two.

First pair

2nd pair.

And finally, what her face in the magazine!!!!

Janet Choo.
Oh Oh, the author miss out her name. Never mind, we know who she is


  1. obeiliao... actually ah, melaka got alot of this kinda shops... they even got a production line just to show the tourists... when your free, let me know, i will tell you where to look for... ^^

  2. that yr janet's work..very nice work...should give her more publicity....anything for sale....? I would like to be her manager..ha..ha.