Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A trip to my son college

Red for luck

I have always been hearing that my son normally wears red during his examination time but have not seen it with my own eye. Well, on 24/03/08, early in the morning , I decided to take a trip with him to college which on this particular day, he will be taking his exam and walking down the stair in the house, I really witness for the first time, what has been spoken about his habit, by his auntie and cousin whom he has stayed all this while when studying in KL. The boy in RED

leaving the house with him

last minute revision in the bus, rapid KL

His recommendation to me, Nasi Lemak

His regular breakfast until the Doctor
stop him. fatty liver!!!!

with all his classmate, one of them is a top student

He showed me the way to the KTM's station beside his college and went back to
see his friends where they adjourned to the library until examination time.
All the best to them for the exam before the semester break in April.

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